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Camping with a broken limb

13 June 2019

Sarah fell off a climbing wall at the beginning of July. She fractured her ankle and cleaned the tendons off in the process, it was a bad one.

But in an attempt to cheer her up and show her that we can still do everything we planned to do. We decided to go ahead and do a weekend camp that we’d had booked in with friends months before. The weather importantly looked great too.

Here’s the things I learnt taking her and two kids away camping with a broken ankle.

It ain’t gonna be easy.

Be prepared to not rest or relax as much as you’d expect. All the parenting is on you with one additional immobile one to look after.
Even the slightest activity needs thought. You’d be surprised how the smallest thing can end up taking a big effort to get going.
We went with a big gang of mates as usual (it really is the best way to camp with kids) and they really helped in terms of entertaining our two kids and keeping us amused too.

Get a light, easy to put up tent

I made this mistake. I bought a used polycotton Outwell Yukon River 6 a few months back. I thought it was going to be the answer to us getting rid of our Robens Klondike.
It wasn’t.

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Out of the mist

19 March 2019

I’ve been stuck for a few months on the blog. The last piece I wrote was after completing the 8 day solo hike around Anglesey and it all pretty much stems from that.

The hike hit me hard mentally, I’ve touched upon it in the vlogs from the walk and I’m writing a piece about some of the specifics currently.

When I got home from Anglesey I was faced with 8 days of video footage, photos and notes.
I’d originally planned to shoot a nice video whilst out but when you’re feeling bad or in the driving rain and wind it makes filming (or indeed anything creative) pretty challenging. So the footage I came back with was bitty at best and spread over three different devices with random filenames, some dodgy audio (lost my micromuff) and lots of wobbly footage (lost my tripod).

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We did it!

18 October 2018

I’m home.

Between October 4th to the 12th I backpacked the 130+ miles of the Anglesey Coastal Path.  All to raise money for Mind.

You can read a bit of background on why I chose to hike this in a previous blog post. It was much, much more difficult than I thought it was going to be.
Physically, the preparation and amazing advice people gave me in the run up was absolutely spot on and on good days (when it wasn’t smashing down with driving rain) I barely noticed the miles.

Unexpected strain

Mentally however, I was crushed from the day before I left until the day Sarah and the kids arrived at our kindly donated Airbnb (thanks Mum and Dad). 8 days in my own head, alone, was absolutely not fun. Having spent most days trying to distract myself with podcasts, the evenings always were filled with tears and questioning why any of it was even vaguely necessary. I was clouded and crippled with homesickness. The first few days were the worst and if it wasn’t for a few people being in constant contact I’d of been coming home 2 days in (I’d packed my bag ready to get a cab to the station one evening). After being talked into carrying on, most plans had gone out the window.

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Why hike the Anglesey Coastal Path?

8 September 2018

I’m not really sure where the spark came from for this. I guess I just quietly couldn’t face the summer ending, it’s gone so fast and I just don’t feel quite ready to hunker down for winter and Christmas. Everyone seems to be saying how fast it’s gone too. Am I just at the age now where time flies or do younger kids feel the same way?
I really can’t face not camping again until next year so getting back into a tent seems like a great idea. Albeit more of a technically brilliant, claustrophobic cocoon than our big bell tent.

At the beginning of the year I went walking looking for a wild camp spot to do my first wild camp. It’s September, 9 months later and I still haven’t done my first solo wild camp. Time and work, general life balance have all been responsible alongside my subconscious nervousness around the whole thing. I need to actually do it.

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The Sandstone Trail – First SOLO-THRU Hike

5 September 2018

So I just returned from my very first two day hike. I covered 36 miles the beginning to the end of the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire, England. It’s not far from where I live, quite rugged but with flat parts too, kind of how I imagined the coastal path to be in Anglesey.

I made two videos whilst hiking the Sandstone Trail and from what turned out to be a truly learning experience (IT HURT. A LOT). I’ve made note of a few mistakes that I made along the way.

Too much weight

Apparently everyone does it, I was convinced that I had the right kit and that there was nothing I couldn’t spare. I was definitely wrong.
My bag weighed in just over 40lbs. I carry big camera bags and packs a lot so I assumed carrying this would be fine. It wasn’t. I think it ultimately lead to many of the issues I had below.

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