Hi my name is Matt. 

I’m a professional photographer based on the Wirral, UK. I spend my life pursuing my passion for the outdoors, living easier, tech, travel and of course life as a photographer working across the world.

I reached a point in 2016 where sharing my experiences had some value and rabbiting on about hiking in the winter, which camera to buy or what dog lead I love became something that people had some interest in.

I developed another passion for writing, sharing experiences and Skip and Jump became the place to publish them and talk with like minded folks about.

In early 2020 I sadly lost most of my site but during the Covid-19 outbreak discovered that whilst photography work had taken a backseat, it was a great opportunity to really put my time into Skip and Jump.

I began rebuilding and reshaping it, making it more concise and easy to use. Helping people find value is not only immensely rewarding but it’s a huge motivator for me to keep doing more, keep getting outside and to keep making life better for myself and my family. 

I’m secretly nerdy, I love researching things, I read loads of blogs, reviews and expert guidance.  I’m painfully practical and annoyingly sensible at times too. I’m open and honest with the things I share because none of us are a fan of being deceived or getting ripped off (I know a dodgy Amazon review when I see one ;)). 

I hope you can find some value around here, you can talk to me directly on Instagram, check out the YouTube channel for some upcoming 1 min summaries of the blog or find me on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’d like to work with me or collaborate on something, check here.

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