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5 Must Have Fujifilm X100V Accessories in 2021

3 January 2021
Best accessories for Fujfilm X100v

I recently picked up the latest version of the Fujifilm X100V. It’s the third edition I’ve owned and I am absolutely delighted to have one back in my hands. I love it, a lot. There are 5 Fujifilm X100v accessories that I have with it and a few more bits and pieces that you can grab to make yours work for you a bit better.

The Fujifilm X100V is my favourite camera for travelling, keeping to hand at home and even for shooting nice reportage editorial pieces professionally.

Best accessories for the Fujifilm x100v

PS. I took a deep dive into the best camera strap for the Fuji X100v and picked out some really nice, innovative new straps that compliment the camera beautifully. Also, take a look at my best Fujifilm cameras in 2021 post for some new recommendations

Fujifilm x100v

1. Lens Hood and UV Filter (My Overall Best Fujifilm x100v Accessory)

You absolutely need the lens hood (Amazon – Black / Silver). I actually don’t mind a bit of flare in my photographs. I picked up the Fujifilm X100V to give me a 35mm experience both in look and physical feel. However, the lens hood does more for the X100V than you might think. 

Firstly it protects the static (non-replaceable!) 23mm lens from bumps and scratches whilst it’s on your shoulder. Secondly, when it’s paired with a UV filter, I grabbed this cheap but great Gobe one off Amazon, it makes the Fujifilm X100V weather sealed. I’m not sure how great the weather sealing is on the X100V but the only moving part that could intake water looks to be the lens. The filter attaches to the hood, not directly to the X100V. If you attach it to the camera, it will physically stop it from focusing and you can risk damaging the focus drive.

2. Thumb Grip

One of the most underrated Fujifilm x100v accessories for sure this is. The grip on the X100V feels slightly lesser than earlier models. I often walk with it in my hand and it felt like it may slip out so I joined the thumb grip crew to get a better handle on it.

This is the best fujifilm x100v thumb grip I've used

At the time of purchase I couldn’t find an X100V specific thumb grip but luckily picked up this long one from Amazon and it fits perfect. It does slightly inhibit the rear thumb dial. I don’t use that dial but if I did I could still control it, just. It’s SOLID, it’s made of some fancy metal and matches my black X100V. It’s super smart and there’s also a silver one here (Amazon).

3. Screen Protector

I use a screen protector on every screen I own. Often I’ll resell my gear after I’m done with it and no-one wants to buy a broken/scratched screen. This one works great (even if I did apply it badly) with the touch screen (how cool is the touchscreen!?). Get one.

best fujifilm x100v screen protector

4. Extra Batteries

I have been a pro-photographer for 12 years and I’ve never bought an “official” battery. In recent years I have bought the double battery packs with their own USB charger. The cost of two batteries AND a charger is under half the price of a single official battery. I picked this one because I like the LED display, it’s a cool blue colour (yes I’m that picky) and shows the level of charge clearly.

The best fujifilm x100v battery and charger

The USB chargers are great because I can travel with a large power bank and charge from them too. You can also charge the Fujifilm X100V from a power bank too! I use this power bank, I rate Anker gear highly and they’re readily available from Amazon.

5. The Add-on / Conversion Lenses

Honestly, I don’t own these but I’ve had them in the past and when funds allow I will definitely re-buy them. They’re not like DSLR lenses, these literally screw onto the front of the camera over the existing lens. 

I would highly recommend picking up the two conversion lenses for the Fujifilm X100V, especially if it’s your one and only camera. 

The Fujifilm TCL-X100 II (Amazon) is the tele conversion lens. It multiplies the focal length by 1.4x basically making it a 50mm lens. This makes it ideal for shooting portraits or just getting that little bit closer. 

The Fujifilm WCL-X100 II (Amazon) Wide Angle Conversion Lens is, you guessed it, the wide angle alternative. It multiplies the focal length by 0.8x making it equivalent to a 28mm lens. This is ideal if you’re taking it out and shooting those sweeping landscapes or urban cityscapes. 

Personally, the tele conversion is the one that I’d probably get the most use out of. I think I could in a pinch, stitch a bunch of stock lens shots together to create a nice wide shot. I can’t get closer without getting closer (or using this lens converter).

There’s a but…

There is the argument (mainly within myself) that you buy a fixed lens camera to NOT have to carry extra lenses. I understand and agree however I just love a buttery 50mm portrait from time to time. The other minor niggle is that none of your lens hoods or filters fit on the lens converters.

5 Bonus Fujifilm x100v Accessories! 

The Half Case – Amazon

It’ll stop the bumps and it’s still easy to get at and use. (Even if you do look a little like your grandad using his old Leica.) It’s got a quick access to the battery compartment too.

The Best Camera Straps for the Fujifilm x100v (Read my article on them here)
I really loved this super soft rope strap below but I took a deep dive into the best camera straps for the Fujifilm x100v and picked out a second as my actual favourite. I actually ended up going on all my pro-kit to for commercial work.

Fujifilm X100V Best Strap

My Favourite Memory Cards (Amazon)

Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Cards, they save your pictures yea?

The Soft Button – (Amazon)

It’s red, it’s a button, it’s decorative. It looks nice. 

Variable ND 49mm Filter (Amazon)
The Fujifilm X100V shoots pretty nice video actually. I’m going to pick one of these up as the built in ND isn’t controllable.

Any thoughts on this piece? I'd love to hear them :)

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