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8 Best Camera Straps for the Fujifilm x100v

16 September 2020
Best Camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v

The Fujifilm x100v is my current camera of choice for travelling and capturing the day to day outside of my work life as a commercial lifestyle photographer. My big ol’ DSLR Op-Tech straps are too big and bulky for it and needed something different. I’ve had camera straps get tangled, camera straps get in the way of the viewfinder, camera straps nearly strangle me and one even break. Not all camera straps are equal. There are an array of them out there and over the years working as a pro-photographer I’ve come to realise what works and what doesn’t both at work and at home. I’ve pieced together, based on my own experience and research, what are the best camera straps for the Fujifilm x100v.

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There are lots of reasons why I love my x100v and one of them is it’s form factor and it’s aesthetic. Size, style and usability are hugely important to me when it comes to using a camera outside of working life as a commercial lifestyle photographer. The same applies to the strap too, there’s no point in having an amazing camera that you love to use if the strap hinders you at every moment.

Our Score

The Best Camera Strap

Overall Best Camera Strap for Fuji x100v

Peak Design Leash

Best Budget Camera Strap for Fuji x100v

VKO Soft Cotton Rope Strap

Most Comfortable Camera Strap for Fuji x100v

Op-Tech Neoprene Compact

Best Camera Strap Designed for Women

Black Rapid Curve Breathe

Best Camera Strap for Outdoor Activity

Peak Design Capture Clip

What makes a good camera strap?

  • Secure – It’s got to be made well, strong and never break.
  • Stylish – One of the reasons I bought the Fujifilm x100v is because I love its aesthetic and the way it’s been designed. The strap needs to fit, it is an extension of the cameras look.
  • Minimal – I use big full frame DSLR’s in my work life as a commercial photographer and with them comes different requirements for a strap. They’re bulky, well padded and designed for holding heavier weights. The strap for the Fujifilm x100v needs to be lightweight, thin and not have any unnecessary size to it.

1. Best Camera Strap for the Fuji x100v: Peak Design Leash (Overall Favourite)

Peak Design have caught my eye over the past few years. They came out of the blue with some amazing Kickstarter products that have now seamlessly passed into the mainstream and become arguably one of the most recognised brands in the market.

I picked out the Peak Design Leash (Amazon) as my favourite camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v.

It’s thin, it’s width is 19mm and it’s made of seatbelt quality nylon webbing, so it’s super strong yet minimal. It’s really stylish. I opted for the black version though it comes in a nice ash/silvery colour (Amazon) which would work well if you bought the silver Fujifilm x100v (I have the black Fujifilm x100v). It’s smooth and doesn’t tangle itself up whilst feeling comfortable around my neck.

It’s easy to adjust using your thumbs alone thanks to a nifty aluminium/hypalon (synthetic rubber) adjustment system. It’s genuinely great. So simple too, it just works well.

The really nifty thing about the Peak Design camera straps is their quick release system that they’ve become known for. The strap comes with a set of 4 “anchors” (get them separately on Amazon here) that are thumb sized buttons that slide into Peak Design straps and other accessories. You can arrange it so an anchor point goes in each of the strap attachments like the traditional camera strap or you can add an anchor point into the tripod screw underneath the camera. This creates a sling style carry which is great for hiking, cycling and walking about town for security.

2. Favourite Cheap Camera Strap for the Fuji x100v: VKO Soft Cotton Rope Camera Strap

The VKO Soft Cotton Rope strap (Amazon) is the cheapest strap and honestly it was a toss up between this and the Peak Design Leash for the best overall camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v. I picked it up on a bit of a punt purely because I thought it looked cool.

Best Camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v

Are rope camera straps comfortable?

It looks cool but it’s backed up by comfort. There are a couple of similar looking ones available but I’m really not a fan or the harder, tougher paracord style ones, they’re bulkier and rougher. This is made from a softer cotton which feels great whilst still being incredibly tough.
The only minor downside is that the strap isn’t adjustable, at all. It fits me fine though, hangs at the right level when round my neck and I can slot my arm through and pull it around my front or back if I’m on my bike too. It is a little slick to move around. There’s no sticky tacky grip to keep it in place but it really didn’t bother me, a shoulder grip would bulk it up. The other bonus to the rope strap is that it doesn’t get tangled like a flat lay strap, You can pick up any part of it and it’ll just twist naturally back into shape. I bought the black one because I like it to be inconspicuous when I’m walking around with it, I have the black Fujifilm x100v too. The red one is pretty swish, I’ve been tempted to get another one just to pep up a drab day 😉
This camera straps beauty really lies in it’s simplicity and minimalism.

3. Most Comfortable Camera Strap: Op-Tech Bin/Op for Compact Cameras

My pick for most comfortable camera strap is this thin Op-tech neoprene (Amazon) strap designed for compact cameras.

Best Camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v

I’ve used Op-Tech straps on my main commercial kit for years simply because they’re so comfortable. They’re made of neoprene (wetsuity material) so there’s a spring / slight stretch to it. The edges of the strap are soft too, quite often strap makers will make them out of neoprene but hem the edges with a rougher nylon which I find then rubs on my neck.
It’s easily removable with strong squeeze clips too if you want to pop it on a tripod without getting tangled up. You can even get extra clips (Amazon) and use them in the same way as the Peak Design anchor points albeit a bit more clunky.
It holds weight really well, not something I’m really that bothered about with the x100v or any mirrorless camera as they tend to be really lightweight. However you may prefer the wider strap, there’s a few different colours available too. It’s personal preference really but I trust Op-Tech and heartily recommend them.

4. Best Camera Strap Designed for Women: Black Rapid Curve Breathe

This is a bit more general than aimed at small mirrorless cameras but I figured it may be useful to know. Obviously all straps can be used by anyone, any shape and any size. Black Rapid have made a few sling straps though that have slight ergonomic tweaks that allows the camera to be slung across body with a bit more comfort for women. I was actually surprised when I quizzed some female photographers that there really weren’t more manufacturers who considered female body shape a little more.
The Black Rapid Curve Breathe (Amazon) is the pick of the bunch. OK, it’s not quite as minimal but it’s super strong, very comfortable and fairly discreet.
There are a few other sling type straps kicking about but the shorter shoulder grip is the key here allowing for the bulk of the strap to be kept out of the way and not coming halfway down your body and back.
Also worth considering is the Joby UltraFit Sling for Women (Amazon) too. Very similar to the Black Rapid and allows for tripod connection as well.
I think there’s a gap in the market for a thinner version for lightweight cameras but until then, these are your best bet.

5. The Best Camera Strap for Hiking / Outdoor Activity with the X100v

OK, this isn’t a strap as such but the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip (Amazon) is one of the best camera accessories I’ve bought in recent years.

Best Camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v

I do a lot of walking and spend time outdoors regularly. Whether it’s just me carrying a backpack on a solo multi-day hike or going for a picnic with the family. I’ve started popping the Fujifilm x100v off my Peak Design Leash and onto the Capture Camera Clip. The clip attaches to the shoulder strap of a backpack via a strong screw system. This puts a solid metal socket on your backpack strap to slide in a tripod base plate and secure it safe.
Now I can just get rid of straps altogether and reach for the camera super quick from my chest without it swinging around. The funny thing about it? It makes me take more pictures!? It’s just so effortless (gah, I must be so lazy!) and I can grab shots of things with little hesitation now and when I’m done it clicks back in and I’m away.

What to do when it rains?

The other cool thing I’ve done with the clip is attach it to a Eastpak fanny pack (Amazon). I sometimes carry a bumbag across my front and pop my Fuji x100v in it if the weather is looking a bit iffy or I’m riding my bike and want to protect it from stones/mud. Now I can actually either keep it zipped in the bag or clip it to the outside and whip it off that cross body strap at a moments notice too.

What’s the best camera wrist strap for the x100v?

I’ve tried a few camera wrist straps too to see if they work for me but if I’m honest, they don’t. I just need the camera out of my hands completely and im not great with it swinging from my wrist.
Saying that, I get how street photographers may really love the added security and discreteness of a wrist strap so I picked three that I have played with and I actually kept one for another use.

1. The Peak Design Cuff

It was a no brainer to go with the Peak Design Cuff (Amazon) as it’s quick release anchor system would work with that of my camera strap of choice, the Peak Design Leash. It’s available in Ash or Black and is made of the same material as the Leash (smooth Nylon webbing). It’s very, very strong and meant to hold over 90kg!?
Whilst I’m not a fan of wrist straps on my main cameras, I’ve kept this and I use it on my action cam of choice, the DJI Osmo Action (Amazon) for when I’m swimming/snorkelling.

2. VKO Black Cotton Camera Wrist Strap

The VKO Wrist Strap (Amazon) is my budget favourite, it’s the same brand and material as my recommended cheap camera strap for the x100v above too. It’s not the rough braided bulky paracord but soft and comfortable cotton which is still super strong and stylish. It does feel great on the skin but again, isn’t quickly detached.

4 Bonus Best Camera Straps

  • The Best Colourful Camera Strap: USA Gear Camera Neck Strap – Amazon
  • The Best Leather Camera Strap: Woolnut Leather & Wool Harness – Amazon
  • The Best Camera Holster: Spider Pro V2 – Amazon
  • The Best Hand Grip for the X100v: JJC Metal Hand Grip / Bracket – Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions about Camera Straps

How to attach a camera strap?

  • Find the eyelets on the side of your Fujifilm x100v
  • Depending on the strap either thread the split ring through the eyelet or thread the cotton thread through and loop the clip through itself to secure it tight to the eyelet.
  • If your threading a split ring, you can fold over the protective cuff whilst you attach it to prevent the ring from scratching the side of the camera.

What is the best camera strap for mirrorless cameras?

The Fujifilm x100v (Amazon) is a mirrorless camera, so I would definitely give the article above a read. Mirrorless cameras all have a smaller form factor than that of the DSLR so generally a small and lighter strap is preferable to stop getting bogged down in the bulk of a DSLR strap. The best camera strap for mirrorless is the Peak Design Leash or alternatively the VKO Cotton Rope Strap all mentioned above.

What is the best camera strap for a DSLR?

I’ve been a pro-commercial and lifestyle photographer for over 14 years and I’ve used lots of different straps, honestly though. It’s a camera strap and it’s pretty simple. It just needs to be comfortable with carrying weight. I currently have an Op-Tech strap (Amazon) on my Canon 5DMKIV.

What is a good camera strap length?

Most camera straps are universal and you should be looking for something around 90cm – 120cm preferably adjustable. The Peak Design Leash is adjustable with just one finger making it really versatile and easy to use whilst you’re shooting.

Do pro-photographers use camera straps?

Yes! Of course! The only time I tend to detach my camera is if it’s mounted on a gimbal or tripod for video. Astrophotographers are unlikely to need a strap either having their cameras mounted on tripods exclusively.

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Best Camera strap for the Fujifilm x100v

It’s a really personal preference picking a strap. I’d recommend trying a couple (you can always return them pretty simply with Amazon) but these listed above are the ones to start with. Personally I think the Peak Design Leash (Amazon) is fantastic and you’re investing in a system with the anchor points. It’s clever but simple. It’s pricey though, so I’d take a look at that VKO Rope strap (Amazon) it’s just as simple, comfortable but a third of the price but without the anchor points or adjustable strap. It looks cooler too. The Fujifilm x100v is a beautiful camera, give it a decent strap to compliment it.

If you’ve got any other good suggestions on straps to try then please, drop me a comment below or come say hi on Instagram or Twitter.

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  • Reply
    Kathleen Johnson
    4 October 2020 at 10:23 pm

    I purchased the Peak Design based partially on your review. I think you should mention that the anchor thread is so thick as to be almost impossible to fit into the eyelet of the X100v.

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      Spike Hodge
      29 November 2022 at 7:26 pm

      The camera comes with two split rings to go on the eyelets. The PD anchor then attaches to the split rings. It would be nice if they could go directly on the eyelets but the cord would have to be too thin then

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