Recovering a Blog

16 June 2020


In an unfortunate series of events revolving around me changing bank cards and missing unpaid invoices to hosting suppliers and G-Mail, I lost Skip & Jump as it was.

I don’t have an offline backup, I’m not sure why, I thought I did through the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, I definitely don’t though. I’ve found the odd page archived on the Way Back When site however which is super useful 🙂

A fresh start

However, I’m really not that bothered. I have just finally ticked off the last of my big work obligations and goals that I’d set myself in lockdown and next on the list was really getting stuck back into this blog and developing it. If it wasn’t for making that decision it probably would of gone unnoticed for even longer, doh!

I want to write more (I want to learn how to write better too). I want to share more of the good practical things I discover, the experiences I undertake and share the outcomes. I’ve gained a lot from reading other peoples experiences recently and I’m keen to pass on some of mine. Experiences as a professional photographer, as a Dad, as a human trying to be better, trying to be kinder, trying to help those who need it.

Work has been non-existent so it’s given me time to re-evaluate a few things and it’s given me time to look hard at what I want and why I’m not doing it currently. There’s things in my work that I want to talk about too, share ideas, share practical advice on how to be a photographer in this day and age but it didn’t seem appropriate doing it on my actual client facing website, so Skip and Jump will be home to it too.

Plans for the future

I would love to eventually gain a small income from it too. If it paid half my rent, it would be otherworldy! Lockdown and the Covid-19 crisis has made me realise that I am by no means financially secure, I need to diversify just like everyone else. I’m going to look into how I can do this, how I can monetise my passions for living life easier, for sharing my experiences. I read somewhere recently that most of the wealthy and secure people on this planet have multiple revenue streams, something I think we’re not really taught about when we grow up, it’s always one job, one income, we all need a side hustle.

The beach in West Kirby

One of the good practices I’ve been doing is writing my articles in Google Drive before copying and pasting them into WordPress, so at least I have some of the content that I once had. I was disappointed to lose some of the family trip accounts that I’d written, I still have the vlogs though and I still have the text so they’re safe. I might even have the images buried in Drive somewhere too. It’s pretty dull rebuilding it and copying and pasting that stuff though, especially when I’m feeling so motivated to create NEW content but hey ho! I’ll be re-adding some of the old stuff amongst writing and sharing new stuff.

It’s not a lifestyle blog as such, its more personal than that. It’s just the outpourings of my brain as and when it comes. Hopefully it’ll build into a nicely organised resource for others to pick from but if it doesn’t, then I’m left with something to look back on.

To new beginnings and to being happy with what you do.


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