Out of the mist

19 March 2019

I’ve been stuck for a few months on the blog. The last piece I wrote was after completing the 8 day solo hike around Anglesey and it all pretty much stems from that.

The hike hit me hard mentally, I’ve touched upon it in the vlogs from the walk and I’m writing a piece about some of the specifics currently.

When I got home from Anglesey I was faced with 8 days of video footage, photos and notes.
I’d originally planned to shoot a nice video whilst out but when you’re feeling bad or in the driving rain and wind it makes filming (or indeed anything creative) pretty challenging. So the footage I came back with was bitty at best and spread over three different devices with random filenames, some dodgy audio (lost my micromuff) and lots of wobbly footage (lost my tripod).


It all just sat there. A massive overwhelming lump of bitty rubbish. When I came home all I wanted to do was spend time with the family doing all the things that I’d promised to myself whilst on the walk, things I’d do more of. Every time I opened the computer to go through the footage it just got me down.

October rolled into November which became one of my most busy work months and December is our favourite time of the year as a family with Christmas and a break for New Year. So yes, January arrived and I had pangs to write bits on what we’d been upto over Christmas, what plans we had for the new year, some new reviews and some extended features that I’d written. The problem was that it felt that I need to shift all the Anglesey stuff out of the way first otherwise everyone would of been left wondering what had happened, how I found it etc. It just felt wrong to avoid talking about it. So the need to create something new pushed me into going through the Anglesey footage and finally putting it together.

A New Approach

I’ve spent most of January putting it together and it’s definitely been a learning experience. I no longer am going to film so much on big trips away. Coming back with so much broadly shot footage is daft and overwhelming. I definitely need to be more concise and disciplined, have a definite brief/idea of what I want as opposed to “shoot everything and figure it out later” when filming.

Now I have a much clearer idea of how I want to create and share video of our trips and experiences, one which doesn’t overwhelm me and hopefully not paralyse me again. More concise, nice looking and tell our stories much better.

I’m excited to be creating again.

    Any thoughts on this piece? I'd love to hear them :)