Me, Myself and I

16 July 2020

I’m going to share some thoughts and explanations on having two social accounts for the two sets of people I talk to.

I’ve changed my usernames, my branding and my social channels a little this past week. It’s not been a quick decision. It’s taken years to come to this conclusion. It follows my blog after my site was deleted last month in which I talked about how I was really focussed on using this space to share life away from portfolio/photography work.

It’s always been a sticking point though because I feel like I’m trying to talk to two sets of people.

Lifestyle work shot for Liverpool Tourist Agency

The first set are people who I’m trying to get commercial photography work through. It’s my main job, it puts the food on the table and it just about keeps our heads above water. When I first started social media and any sort of online presence it revolved around getting work and it still needs to serve this purpose.

The second set are the people who like all the other stuff that I like. The outdoors, camping, hiking, days out, family time, home lifestyle, cooking, restaurants, supporting local and travelling. Social media has found other people and friends who enjoy these things too.
There’s obviously some overlap in audiences. I’m lucky to work with wonderful people but there are times when the friends following don’t want to see that nice portrait (that I freaking loved making) of a managing director in a financial district. They want to see my dog messing up the tent on a wild camp in the Lake District.

I’m really passionate about my work but I’m also really passionate about non-work, about living well and happy.

It was in a Minimalists podcast a few years ago in which I heard them talking about how introductions usually follow the same line.

Hi my name is Matt, it’s nice to meet you, what do you do for work?

Really, what we should be asking is…

Hi my name is Matt, it’s nice to meet you, what do you love doing?

The latter resonates so much more with me. Ever since I’ve been greeting people this way the responses have been so much more fulfilling and connections and conversations are made much quicker and easier.

I want to talk more and share more about that with people, more about the things we love, the things we’re into.

My portfolio will stay using my name and my work will still be posted to the blog there, as well as the scrapbook of daily life/misc photos. The main Instagram for work though moves to and the Twitter @matt_thoma5 will be the same but more focused on interacting with those in the photo/creative industry.

Skip and Jump is already being rebuilt, as hopefully you can see. I have two pages of articles to write and images to shoot to accompany them. My main Instagram has been renamed to @skip.and.jump to reflect the mix of things I post there (I won’t be posting the “boring MD portrait” there – it may creep in the stories though 😉 The twitter account @skip_and_jump is where I’m going to focus on sharing the articles from the blog and chatting with people more candidly there too.

It’s a real motivator to get out and do more too. I’m writing articles on camping and hiking, I need more photos of camping and hiking so there’s only one way to get them 🙂
I’m excited by the fresh start, I feel positive after the past few months. It’s really fun learning to write, learning to blog and studying how to get the blog out to the right people.

I’m not even sure what the point in this article was really. I guess I’m just trying to explain where I’m coming from and what I’ve been thinking.

Excuse the mess around here whilst I put everything in order.

    Any thoughts on this piece? I'd love to hear them :)